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Back in October, internationally renowned artist Shantell Martin created one of her signature black-and-white drawings on the streets of the Denver Theatre District (DTD), covering an area on 14th Street from Stout to Champa, wrapping around Champa, and including the entire outdoor plaza of the Colorado Convention Center.

DTD presents Martin’s installation as part of its Terra Firma series to enliven a 16-block area of downtown Denver through interactive, immersive and experimental art and culture events and experiences. The series, including Martin’s installation, was curated by NINE dot ARTS.

“My work is a meditation of drawn lines – a language of characters, creatures and messages that invites the community to share in the creative process,” said Martin. “I’m excited to bring this work to downtown Denver where I will create not only my largest and most public-facing installation to date, but also the first on the ground.”

In addition to the ground drawing, Martin designed a sculptural bench that reads “DON’T HIDE + YOU ME” installed near the Light Rail stop on 14th Street and Stout, also near the entrance to Understudy, the DTD’s arts incubator.

The installation will remain for two to three years, maintained through a protective coat and upkeep by the Denver Theatre District. For a shorter period of time, DTD will feature Shantell’s art on the triple billboard on the corner of 13th Street and Champa Street.

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