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CELE is a new organization focused on providing a platform for abstract and experimental musical forms in Denver, Colorado, with an emphasis on durational, deep listening and immersive audio-visual performance concepts. CELE features contributions by: Alex Whittier, Carl Ritger and Jason Corder. Inspiration for this project was taken from Daphne Oram’s 1972 book, ‘An Individual Note: of Music, Sound and Electronics.’

CELE is partnering with their friends at Nocturnal to create a new series of bicameral events – while they take care of the after party, CELE will focus on showcasing a more cerebral and perhaps subtle side of a performer’s persona. For the inaugural edition of this series, CELE hosts a longtime Denver favorite: Valentin Stip.

Learn more at the Facebook Event:

Valentin Stip [ Montreal, QC :: Booma / Other People ]

Valentin Stip was born in Paris, France. There he started playing piano when he was seven and continued in the classical music wave, picking up guitar on the way. After moving to Montreal for school, Stip began to miss his roots. It was then that he started playing around with the musical abilities of his computer, and has been producing computer music since. You may be familiar with his work on the reputable label, Other People, with the standout full length, ‘Sigh’. Since then his time in Montreal found him in like the minded company of dance floor focused producers to push the boundaries of the genre and together they founded the label, Booma. It is through this platform that we found Stip, his sounds within the labe are what we are looking foward to moving to.
Most recently you could find Stip in Berlin as he explored various dance floors and record stores around the city. The past few years have been spent under a new light of electronic music, an evolution from the left field classics he left us with. Although this won’t be Stip’s first time in Colorado, nobody has seen him perform quite like this.

Lesser Boatman [ Denver, CO |

Lesser Boatman is a collaboration between Jason Corder (offthesky) and Jonathan Canupp (Ten and Tracer / Petrichoir). The duo formed out of a mutual fascination with the potential of music technology and sound design. Each exhibited a rare skill and discipline in their field, combined with an insatiable fervor; a curiosity about the, for lack of a better phrase, supernatural potential of music and aesthetics. Their first sessions seemed effortless, characterized by carefree exploration and open, respectful discussion. This resulted in their first collaborative EP, ‘For All the Twelve-Year-Old Girls Who Buy Our Tapes’; released under their individual monikers ‘offthesky + tenandtracer’ on Hibernate / Rural Colours.

Radere [ Denver, CO :: CELE / Full Spectrum ]

Radere is the alias of Carl Ritger, a guitarist and synthesist currently based in Denver, Colorado. His work primarily explores the shadowy gulf that exists between drone and noise, blurring traditional instrumentation, electronics and location recordings into densely textured sonic monoliths. Radere’s recordings have found their way to light via a slew of independent labels, including Full Spectrum Records, Moodgadget Records, basic_sounds (RIP) and futuresequence. He also conducts ongoing collaborations with Sun Hammer, offthesky, Ten and Tracer, Cody Yantis and Anduin; as well as John Templeton, alongside whom he comprises the experimental techno vehicle Coward.