Konstantin Dimopoulos

The Blue Trees

An environmental art installation about global deforestation and the importance of trees to people and their environment, will launch on the streets of The Denver Theatre District, coloring the trees lining the streets of downtown Denver, using a biologically-safe, water-based, non-permanent colorant.

What is the Blue Trees?

On Tuesday, April 18, Konstantin Dimopoulos’ The Blue Trees art installation about global deforestation and the importance of trees to people and their environment will launch April 18, gradually coloring the trees lining The Denver Theatre District’s streets using a biologically-safe, water-based, non-permanent colorant. Dimopoulos’ performance work uses trees as the canvas, calling attention to the fleeting quality of nature and raising social consciousness about interactions with the natural world.

Curated by NINE dot ARTS, the installation is the first in a series of installations, collectively called Terra Firma, to be hosted by The Denver Theatre District (DTD) in 2017. For several weeks in April and the beginning of May, as weather allows, Dimopoulos will work his way through the District, coloring 150 trees blue. Family-friendly and free programming, scheduled throughout the month of May and hosted by The Denver Theatre District, will include musical performances, performances by local arts & culture organizations, educational lectures and wellness events. The colorant will naturally degrade from the trees over a period of months, depending on the type of tree and the local weather.

“Trees talk about art, and the art talks about Trees” – Konstantin Dimopoulos

Is this safe for the trees?

Yes! The colorant was specially developed by Konstantin and is completely safe for the trees. We do not paint the leaves, so the trees can breathe, and the colorant will eventually wash off. Kon selected the trees with the Denver City Forester and Arborist, who support this project, and made sure to get approval from all stakeholders.

Latest Updates

We will keep you updated on all Blue Trees happenings here and on the Denver Theatre District Facebook page. Stay tuned!

The Blue Trees programming calendar and information can be found on our main webpage and on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/denvertheatredistrict .

Want to Volunteer?

Kon, his wife Adele, and their team need help coloring the trees blue in downtown Denver! Kon’s team will mix the colorant and provide brushes. You will be taught how to properly color the trees and will work with the team to bring this installation to life! Approximately ten (10) volunteers will be brought on for each session. Currently we have open sessions in May only.

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